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Our transition to the Airtel Plaza Hotel has been a positive one financially. Because we were able to negotiate a better arrangement than last year, we decided to pass the savings on to you. So, instead of seeing prices rise with inflation this year, you will see that they actually dropped $10 per ticket! In addition, the parking situation is better at the Airtel Plaza Hotel. Everything is self parking...and it is free! We have picked up the cost for the parking. For those who would prefer not to walk from their cars, just have your driver drop you off at the entrance and proceed to a convenient nearby parking space. It is abundant and close in.

The price of the event will be $89 per person, until midnight November 30, $109 thereafter until midnight December 15, and $129 thereafter until 3:00 PM on December 28 as space allows.

The cost will cover admission to the event, a three course gourmet dinner served to your table, entertainment and dancing to the Skyline Band, 8:00 PM-10:15 PM and 11:30 PM-12:30 AM, Steve Waddington's Neil Diamond Tribute Show, 10:30 PM-11:30 PM, free parking, noisemakers. NO TAX. NO TIPPING.

To make your reservations, select your dinner choices, table and seats, and pay for your tickets, please click on our Eventbrite link at